16 November, 2015

GAME ON!!!! The Village Sports Court Project for Community Health

Quick update on my toe: The stitches have been removed!!! And I'm still planning on going back to site on Wednesday. Keep fingers crossed!

And now, for some even more exciting news!
One of the main reasons I decided to extend for a 3rd year, here in Namibia, was to finish up a project I had started in the village. It is finally coming true!! I have been working my butt off on this, and am so excited to announce it!
My village is collaborating with Courts For Kids, an organization from the U.S., to build a basketball/volleyball/netball court!! A group of 12 Americans and 1 Ugandan will be flying to Namibia on Dec. 31, 2015. On Jan. 1, we will be driving up to the village, and spending the next 4 days building this court, experiencing Namibia and Owambo culture and making my community's dream a reality!
We are so so lucky to have Courts For Kids on our side! They will be assisting in the cost of the court. My village also did their own fundraising, and because of their hard work and dedication, have been able to raise some money, as well.
I, too, am going to help raise some of the funds. This is going to be thru the Peace Corps Partnership Program, an online "crowdfunding" type of grant.

Below is a little more info, as well as a video to explain a bit more about the village and project:
(If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me!)
The village in northern Namibia, where I spent my first 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, shares the same problems as many others in the country: high teen pregnancy rate, alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and a lack of resources and facilities. Unlike towns, villages have few safe community and health enhancing activities for the children, youth and adults. This particular village is also the center of the main village. The community should be able to host sport tournaments, cultural dance competitions, and other events, Due to the lack of resources, they are unable to provide these recreational and educational gatherings for the community.
The village will be collaborating with a U.S. non-profit organization to build a basketball/netball/volleyball court in the village. It will not only we be creating a safe, healthy space for the community, but by collaborating with CFK, there will be a culture exchange between the Americans and Namibians. This court will provide a safe space for children, youth and adults to use for recreation. Improving their health, teamwork, fellowship, as well as an alternative educational place, used by life skills teachers and students. This court will also allow the community to host events, which could then result in income-generating activities.
The donations raised will cover the cost of supplies, as well as a local Namibian contractor, and a vocational school to build this court. The community has also pledged to help with the cost of this project, through fundraising and labor.

If you would like to donate to this AMAZING project, please go to:
This will be a tax-deductable donation. Any amount you can give is truly, truly appreciated by myself and the village!

Thank you to all who have supported me and my village throughout the creation of this project! A special BIG thanks to Courts For Kids! We are so so grateful for you help, and can't wait to share with you our Namibian home!

Peace & Love,
(which means, I am thankful, in Oshikwanyama)   

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