My Namibian Home

**Updated pictures!**
Here is a slideshow of my hut - I am slowly decorating it, and making it my own...

Below are some pictures during my very first visit to my new home...

On the way up north - cattle, goats, donkeys,
and other wildlife are on the side of the main road -
always crossing, usually being herded by a farmer,
and have no fear when it comes to cars, trucks, etc....
my homestead!!!!

my sister, Anna - cooking out on the fire.
Every night, under the diamond sky, they cook their traditional
food over a fire

My first sunset at my new home!
I'm hoping to get some pictures of the sky and Milky Way!
It is like NOTHING I have ever seen!!!!!!
I will truly miss this when I leave Namibia.... 

the main house - 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living room
solar powered, gas stove, and tv!
(We watched Reggae Boys while I was there - the kids loved it!)

more of the homestead -
There are 4 huts, the main house, and 2 buildings in the process of being built -
these will have 2 rooms - 1 bedroom, 1 sitting room

My hut!!!! There are a few things that still need to be done, before I move it!
And to the right, you can see the bathing area - bucket bath only now,
but we may be getting a shower head!

the car is rarely used
At this moment, it needs a new alternator 

the latrine - or outdoor toilet
bring your own TP!

My place in Okahandja - my first host family's house during my Pre-Service Training:

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