25 December, 2015

Happy Holidays from the village

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! To be honest, I keep forgetting its Christmas. My head has been so wrapped up in this project....I seem to forget even what day it is sometimes! This year, for Christmas, I visited my Namibian family, up in the village- which worked out perfectly, since I'm finishing up this court project. My Meme is a pastor at the church, and so we all went. Mass lasted about 5 hours :) We then all just sat around and chatted for the day, and in the evening, made a big ol' meal for the family and their friends. Life is the village is very slow paced, and I realized I had sort of adjusted back to a quicker lifestyle in Usakos. But I also realized I probably needed a day or 2 of rest....

I would first like to thank all so so so much who donated towards this project! It's my baby, at this moment, and it means the world to me that you would recognize its importance as well! So, from he bottom of my heart, thank you so much! I could not have done this without your wonderful kindness!

We are making progress! We are continuing to prepare the land for the CFK arrival (January 1) which, the plan will then be to mix and pour cement, install the basketball/netball posts (by the way, another PCV and I designed it. I saw it the other day, as the contractor was welding it together, and it's really coming to life! Let's just pray it works well!) and then finish installing the fence. 

There have been stressful moments when some things were not delivered, or businesses shut down due to the holiday....but so far we've been able to hold it all together! There are lots of details still being drawn up at the moment, but the plan is to have an opening ceremony on January 6! Pray all goes well....

I leave for Windhoek on Monday, to co tubule preparing for CFK arrival, as well as meet up with my friend, Cherrie, from the States. Long story short, she sold everything and decided to travel the world! She's coming here to help with the project, as well as see a bit of Namibia and check out what I'm doing in Usakos with the children! It'll be great to have a familiar face around for a bit. 

Christmas made me feel homesick this year.  I'm still committed to all the work here, but am really ready to get back to my family and friends. I'm sure these next few months will pass by quickly....

Well, I hope a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are being had by all! 

Here are a few picture from the beginning of the land preparation. More to come....

Love to all,

Digging out an old tree root:

Why would we buy sand (to mix with the cement, making concrete) when it's here, all around us?? 

The excavating of the perimeter of the court:

My family helping my Meme prepare for Christmas mass:

Ah...celebrations call for meat, here in Namibia. Goat's head - or what they call "smilie" - anyone?