03 September, 2015


(can you tell I'm a bit excited??)

Hello all! I have so so so much to tell you….
But currently, I am in the thick of doing a million things at the same time. Good things. Which, I will update you on…and hopefully sooner than later :)

My reason for writing this particular post is just one of the many reasons why I stayed here in Namibia, in the Peace Corps, for a third year. First, I’d like to say that I LOVE my new site, and all that is happening there! Promise, my next post will be about that (we just had a wonderful school holiday camp with the kids – pictures and stories to follow).

But this post is about what I had been doing during my first 2 years here – up in the north, in the village. I have so so much to explain to you, and more details will come when I get everything in order – which includes a grant – which, if you so incline to do so, may send in a donation. Until I get all the necessary documents, blah, blah, blah in order, I want to let you know of this great opportunity for some of you Americans! (I guess maybe someone other than an American could come as well – I just hadn’t thought of that possibility! But if you’re interested, let me know!)

Anywho – this coming December 31, 2015, a group of college students will be arriving in Namibia, and on January 1, 2016, we will be driving up to my village in the north, and alongside Courts For Kids (check them out!!) we will be helping the locals build a basketball/volleyball/netball court!! We will be pouring cement for about 4 days, learning about each other’s culture, and then the group will continue on to Etosha Park for 2 nights of camping and game drives. For so so many reasons the village need this – but mainly, there is a high teen pregnancy rate, HIV/AIDS, TB, alcohol abuse, and very limited safe places, activities and entertainment for the children, youth and adults of the community. Courts For Kids has some open spots still available!! This would be for those who are of college age (although if some of you are out of college already, and have an interest, let me know and I can see what we can do!).

Now, the commitment to come, along with a deposit, are due September 18. I know it’s just around the corner, but I thought I would help out Courts For Kids and get these spots filled! If any of you are interested, please contact me, or Selene Nesland (selene@courtsforkids.org). I’m so excited to be collaborating with Courts For Kids, and helping my village!! Plus, I get to show it off to you…. Oh, and you get to visit me :)

Below is something that Selene wrote, with a little more info, which I wanted to pass along…

College Students to Namibia, Africa, with Courts for Kids
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Courts for Kids offering Trip to Namibia, Africa, for College Students over Christmas Break

December 29th- January 9th

If you are in college and looking for an exciting adventure over Christmas break then join us in Namibia, Africa, to build a basketball/netball/soccer court in Onamumhana, Namibia in southwest Africa.  To learn more about this community and project  check out the video the community made here.

You will also get to experience an overnight safari in Estosha National Park-one of the world's finest game parks, where animal sightings are guaranteed.

If you are interested in receiving more information (price, flight itinerary, etc.) email Selene Nesland at selene@courtsforkids.org.