20 June, 2014


"I have heard and seen westernized people complain about their problems. Until they live in a developing country, and truly get to know these peoples' passions and struggles, they will never fully understand what this world needs...what THEY need...and what they truly want in life..."

- Anonymous

11 June, 2014

Wanna help?

I'm sitting here in the computer lab at the school, here in the village, trying to update things....and keep my life on track lol. I've been taking lots and lots of pictures and videos, and even interviews, to help promote a project...and as soon as I have it put together, I'll be posting it here....(hopefully in the next 3 weeks!). This project is something that YOU can actually help with, if you so desire....along with an opportunity to come HERE to my VILLAGE and see ME and help my Namibian Community NEXT SUMMER (northern hemisphere-summer)! Ah...but more on that later....

But that got me thinking....

So many of you have asked how you can help over here....And well, sometimes, to be honest, it's hard to find something you could do or donate to. I am a believer that we shouldn't just GIVE people things - they have to work for it (again, thank you "Dead Aid"). And plus, what would a new pair of shoes, for instance, do for a child, but then make others jealous, or the child grows out of it, etc. I want to help in ways that are, at least, aiming to be sustainable. Just my opinion. BUT, after saying that, I realized that there are ways that you, overseas, can help...besides sending M&Ms, Mac&Cheese, Taco/Guacamole seasoning, Time Magazine, pictures and letters from you and Amazon Gift Cards to buy more books for my Kindle....although, these DEFINITELY help my mental and emotional state, so please, feel free to keep sending!....there really ARE some ways you can help Peace Corps, myself, and other volunteers.  So, I've added a new tab to this blog, called "Wanna Help?" As projects begin, or come my way, or I find about other PCVs' projects, I will post them here, on this tab, if you are looking for ways to help make a difference.....

So, if you're interested, please click on the tab

10 June, 2014


Every year, Peace Corps Namibia, Fawena, and Kayec hosts a week-long camp for Namibian children, ages 12-18, called Camp GLOW (Guys and Girls Leading Our World). This camp helps teach the kids about leadership - with sessions focusing on stereotypes and character building, gender awareness, health, sexual health, ambition and self-confidence. They take a total of 80 children - from all regions of Namibia, and many of whom have never left their homes. This year, it will be held in Windhoek over the August holiday, with field trips to Parliament and the University of Namibia, to name a few.

The children are selected by being nominated by Peace Corps Volunteers. This year, I'm actually nominating 4 of our learners from school, here in the village (one, being my brother - so I hope he gets chosen!). These kids all just need a chance. A chance to get out of the village. A chance to meet other students their age. A chance to learn more about leadership, with a week-long camp, all about THEM. A chance to bring out their true potential! Well, I hope the ones I'm choosing get this chance! And I look forward to their stories about their time at the camp. 

Camp GLOW is run, based on donations. These help cover the cost of accommodations, transportation, meals, materials, admin costs, and more. Unfortunately, this year they are slightly below what is needed.

If you would like to help these kids and staff have a successful camp this year, you can choose to make a donation. And truly, anything will help these kids! (1 USD = approx. 10 Namibian Dollars)

Click HERE to learn more about Camp GLOW.

And to make a contribution, click HERE

Here's a video to show a little more about the camp.....
(This can also be seen on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/97240861)

Glow 2013 from Steph Namutenya Sestito on Vimeo.

Thanks, in advanced, for checking out this great event for the children of Namibia!

Peace & Love,
(I am thankful)