05 March, 2015

Grassroots Soccer opportunities for Americans

Here are some great ways high schoolers, recent college graduates, 
or young adults can see a developing country, take in some culture
AND help others!

Check out Grassroots Soccer for more info...

High schoolers head to South Africa this summer!
Click the picture below....

Recent college graduates or young adult internship program
in South Africa.
Click the picture below...

And if you, or someone you know, 
is running the NYC Marathon in November,
they can be part of Team GRS!
Click picture below...

Oh, and as for my own update....
I just had my COS (Close of Service) ceremony and celebration with my group!
Although I attended it, and received a certificate, I am still working on 
finding a project for my 3rd year.
We are getting closer, so keep fingers and toes crossed for me!
My goal right now is to move out of the village (insert sad face), 
go on a quick trip with my good friend, Crystal, to Cape Town in early May,
then go home to the States for about a month,
and then come back to Nam for my third year - hopefully in Windhoek.

As soon as I have the pictures downloaded from the celebration, I'll post them here!

Hope you are all safe and well and staying warm in all that snow you're getting...
(I'm a bit jealous....)

Peace & Love,

22 February, 2015

Thought for the day...

And if you're considering joining the PC, living in another country, or even just traveling - 
If you want to grow from the experience, you must be open to this potential, 
in my opinion. 
As for me, it definitely has been challenging, 
and even sometimes disturbing and offensive -
but one I don't regret for a second, and would do again and again -
to continue learning and growing!

11 February, 2015

"Unsung Hero"

If only to give happiness and help others for these reasons...
The world would be more happy....

Peace & Love,

10 February, 2015

The Germ Lesson

We have a weekly Health Club at the school, and this week's topic was germs. First, I should them some fun videos about germs, and then we played around with glitter! The kids really enjoyed this - and I think it truly taught them how easily germs are spread....And yes, glitter ended up EVERYWHERE.....lol. But we had fun.

Then, they each got a blank "germ", and gave it a face and added some color - and then they NAMED their germ. After the arts & crafts, they then all pledged to not spread their germ. 

It was a successful day at the office!