I have limited internet (email, blogging, IMing) at my site. The service is not very reliable, 
since I am waaaaaaay out "in the bush" (as the locals put it).
So, communication is challenging, but I would still love to hear from everyone.
I plan on writing lots of letters, and sending them via snail mail...

As for internet, I am only able to get access after every other first moon, 5.38 hours before noon - Namibian time - but only when the wind is coming from the southeast, or north-northwest, depending on the amount of mahangu harvested last year PLUS the number of cattle raised, divided by the number of goats slaughtered, minus the number of weddings the past month (this will determine the number of cattle and goats to count at the time), multiplied by the number of pigs running wild in the village - and this will determine my internet access. Speed, of course, is dependent upon the amount of firewood available to make dinner last night...
***UPDATE: For my third year, internet is much much much better, as I am staying in a town!***

But please keep sending emails, letters, etc!
(You have no idea how much us PCVs LOVE hearing about what is going on in YOUR world - including music, FOOD, movies, sports, etc.)


I have received so many packages from friends and family!
You are all wonderful!
But to be honest, I've been here for almost 2 years,
with a third on its way,
and there really isn't anything I need.
So, to save you some cash, please don't feel you need to send me anything - 
only a letter or email would be great :)
**I hope to have a HUGE project coming up soon!
As soon as I have everything confirmed, I will be posting
links, info, etc. It's for a Court Project in my village.
THIS is what I need your help with -
instead of cookies and treats from America for me :)
So, keep an eye out for the post, here on my blog!**
I will also have a need for a few donations for my third year project, 
the orphanage (CEC). Check out my blog posts with this tag.

***I'm back for my third year!!!***
So, here is my new address for this year:

Johanna Jacobsen
P.O. Box 63

*Note: Mail/Packages can take approximately 4 weeks to reach me.* 


**It seems the best way for me to stay in contact with everyone is through regular email - so if you don't already have my email address, you can fill out the form below, and I'll get it and respond. If you DO have my email, ummm, what are you waiting for? :)  

For friends and family - if you don't already have it, email me and 
I'll give you my Skype info (though I can only Skype when I'm in Windhoek or some other major city - unfortunately, the internet is not fast enough in the village)

*Also - for friends and family with smartphones - 
I use the WhatsApp (this works great!). You just need my Namibian number,
for us to text, send pics, and now even talk!

Have a question, comment, etc?
Please contact me anytime, and I will respond as soon as I can!

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